In Conversation with Nick Wooster

If you’re into fashion, chances are you know Nick Wooster. Or at least what he looks like. He’s a street style fixture, thanks in no small part to his distinctive, adventurous personal style. Steel grey hair swept up in a modern day pompadour, tattoos covering his arms and legs, Wooster wears the kind of mash-up outfits—disparate elements like drop crotches, florals, tailoring, and high-tech sportswear, sometimes all at once—that could be ridiculous on someone else, but somehow, on him, look perfectly natural. But that’s not the only reason Wooster draws the lenses of fashion week photographers. The man doesn’t just look the part; he lives it.

10 Must-Know Male Street Style Stars (Besides Nick Wooster)

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Nick Wooster ex Men’s Fashion Director of Neiman Marcus, he is known for his work for leading labels like Ralph Lauren and his unique take.

With his upswept pompadour and full-sleeve tattoos, Kansas-born fashion consultant and Instagram idol Nickelson Nick Wooster is the consummate contemporary silver fox. On his career so far. And then realized what I really loved was stores so came back to retail and now have these last three years done a little bit of everything, which for me is amazing. I do anywhere from two to five collaborations a year, depending on the partner.

And then they branded their own company, Lardini, in the eighties. So I helped them initially to make Lardini mean something to the western hemisphere. And they asked me to do a collaboration with them as a capsule collection. So this is the first collection I have ever done. On his personal style transformations.

The thing that has always been the same about me is the passion and devotion to clothes. But the clothes themselves have absolutely changed. But of course, our perceptions of masculine-feminine have evolved over time.

Nick Wooster look

Nick Wooster is an unlikely street style star. He’ll even admit it himself. Not young, nor tall, and without the chiseled features of a model or Hollywood actor, he describes himself as “pretty average. That may be true, except for one egregious factor: His exceptional style has accrued a half million Instagram followers.

The Adidas Stan Smith is one of fashions most popular shoes for a reason. It’s clean and classic design makes it a go-to sneaker for many of entertainments.

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Its owner Mr Wooster did however issued a statement to 60 Minutes in saying their products were made by an Indigenous artist. Local Aboriginal Land Council. Mr Thomas designed the famous flag in and in won a High Court battle to become the sole copyright owner, before passing the copyright licenses for different products on to other companies.


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There isn’t necessarily one clear pathway to gain membership into the menswear influencer club. Each of the 20 men on this list have some combination of those three we’ll have to file a Freedom of Information Act request with Tommy Ton to check on their personal street style photo caches. Nick Wooster is one of the most instantly recognizable figures in men’s fashion thanks to his distinct aesthetic, trademark mustache, and copious tattoos.

The Kansas native’s had an illustrious career, with high-profile positions everywhere from Neiman Marcus to JCPenney , and he’s recently parlayed his experience into collaborations with brands like the sneaker company Greats and Italian label Lardini. Currently a free agent consultant, Wooster can reliably be spotted at Fashion Weeks around the world — and gracing the covers of international magazines, like GQ Taiwan and L’Officiel Hommes.

He eventually jumped the editorial ship for Bloomingdales before launching his own boutique in Culver City called Magasin.

The GQ&A: Nick Wooster’s Next Chapter

Overall, Wooster is a well-planned man and despite his fashion rule-breaking, his style is precise. No other gent is as in-touch with his clothes — from seeking quality fabric, to textural play with layers, to the interaction of colour and pattern. Never offending, Wooster lays down the gauntlet to modern gents — challenging style stereotypes without sacrificing masculine taste. From dungeon-deep drop-crotch joggers to relaxed wool trousers sharply cropped at the ankle, the stylist eschews the common slim-fit leg accustomed to the modern gent.

Upstairs, the wintry blazer is sharp and fitted to perfection. Then, it is layered with traditionalism: waistcoat, sweater and button-up shirt — always with a tie and pin.

Nick Wooster needs no introduction. The industry vet and street style superstar is seemingly everywhere and for good reason. It seems like.

Rose pink acetate Garrett Leight x Nick Wooster sunglasses from Garrett Leight featuring round frames, tinted lenses and gold-tone hardware. This item is unisex. This item comes with a protective case. Designer Style ID : If you change to another destination from China Mainland and need to login again, please use your email. Sorry, we couldn’t find ‘ ‘. Did you mean:. Selecting one of the suggestions will take you to results within menswear.

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The programme for the Florence menswear show, starting Tuesday 12, is very intense, featuring names like Roberto Cavalli, Craig Green and Fumito Ganryu, as well as great come-backs and special events. With its upcoming June edition, the Florentine menswear event is looking less and less like a trade show and more like a commercial platform with a range of marketing and promotion opportunities. The men’s fashion director of Forty Five Ten designed a piece collection for Five Four that nods to Wooster’s personal style over the years.

Suntchi founder Paul Fang speaks briefly about his company’s partnership with the CFDA , what he has in common with Steven Kolb and why education is important. More pop up locations will be announced soon. United Arrows Creative Director Poggy the Man designed the Five Four spring collection as the subscription service’s third guest designer.

IOPE MEN AIR CUSHION x Nick Wooster. Category: VIDEO; Date: FACEBOOK; TWITTER; Copy Link.

But unlike many designers and consultants in the industry, he’s managed to build his own name without being wedded to a specific label. This month, the self-described “free agent” has flown in from New York as a special guest curator for Lane Crawford, a luxury retail space in Hong Kong that is celebrating its th anniversary. He’s debuting his newest collaboration with Italian fashion label Lardini — a collection of pocket squares, ties, pants, shirts and jackets.

CNN Style met with Wooster to talk about the perks of travel, the Asian market, and the future of menswear. What’s in your carry-on? Are there any travel perks to stocking your wardrobe? What I love about travel and shopping is seeing how different retailers in London, Paris and New York interpret the same collection.

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With nearly half a million Instagram followers and as many fashion collabs as his pal Pharrell , former retailer Nick Wooster is a menswear maverick on the move—literally, jetting from Australia where he designed a luxe wool underwear line to Japan to Pitti Uomo in Florence. Over lunch at Morandi, Wooster explained his ascent. Bloggers drool over your style. You must have a massive closet. Are you a shopaholic? Of course.

With his upswept pompadour and full-sleeve tattoos, Kansas-born fashion consultant and Instagram idol Nickelson (Nick) Wooster is the.

The Adidas Stan Smith is one of fashions most popular shoes for a reason. Here are some of my favorite celebrity looks to get inspiration from. Anonymous asked : What are the best pair of designer shorts for the summer? I see that you seem to only rock Rick Owens shorts, any others? Nick sporting a Hancock coat shared a few photos of himself wearing both the metallic silver and gold color-ways, dubbed the Trophy Pack.

What do you think? The popular street styler wore a dark grey two button blazer over a light grey vest and blue oxford button shirt with contrasting grey shorts and black oxford shoes. What do you think of his outfit? Fruition, which was founded in by partners Chris Julien and Samantha Alonso offers vintage street styles for both men and women and is considered the only vintage streetwear boutique of its kind in the world. Check out pics below.

The White Briefs x Nick Wooster Clothing

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He is best known for his street style. At a very young age he was into fashion and never wanted to wear the same thing twice. When he went into middle school and high school, he noticed the richer kids had nicer clothes, and he constantly told his mom “I want that. Then go get a job and make money and buy that, because we’re not buying it for you. At 16, he began working at a local clothing store Joseph P. Roth and Sons. He entered the University of Kansas in , where he studied journalism and advertising.

After graduation in , Wooster moved to New York City , where he took a job at advertising agency. In he started selling advertising space at New York Magazine. He got fired, because the company found out his drug addiction.

Nick Wooster, Beards, & Turning Streetstyle Into Sex

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